Free Film Seminar Saturday 4th June 2022

Olaf de Fleur
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There is a Film Seminar this Saturday 4th June 2022 via ZOOM. I will prioritize everyone who has subscribed (for free) to my post list, they get ahead of the line. In this seminar, I will cover a range of Indie filmmaking stages, for documentaries and feature films, how to finance them, make them, etc. Aside from lectures from me, a large part of this seminar will be Q&A and listening to what you’re working on. I also provide personalized feedback on the idea you are working on.


The Seminar Starts this Saturday at:‌‌ Reykjavik (4 PM) (00:00 GMT) > Los Angeles (9 AM) > Berlin (6 PM) > New York (12 PM) > London (5 PM) >


Read about the experience: > Student: Valérie Banville > Student: Tekel N Gayle Jr > Student: Karol-Julien Wild > Student: Ralston Vaz > Student: Bohdan Turok > Student: Yulia Chumak


Getting the Clarity to Focus

“My name is Anastazja Gajkowska. I’m Polish and I live in Los Angeles, California. My background is in clinical psychology and acting, and I’m working on my first documentary, Exposé, which will be released by December 2022.

I first encountered Olaf on Skillshare while taking his class Make a Short Documentary Film which was helpful to the process of creating my own documentary. Not long after, I accepted an invitation to join one of Olaf’s Saturday seminars and ultimately signed up for a one-on-one session with him.

I’ve learned so many things from Olaf. He’s given me a better understanding of trailers and how to create them, as well as how to enhance the experience of my already-filmed documentary by adding scripted segments. In his Saturday seminars, I’ve learned that all the answers are already inside us and we can hear them if we just listen to ourselves. Speaking out loud about my project has given me more clarity on the results I want to achieve in my film.

Olaf also helped me see how creating my first documentary can also just be about my growth as I learn new skills. That encouragement has made it easier for me to see which skills I need to learn — and which I don’t. I can concentrate just on what I think is important for my growth and delegate other tasks to people with the right skills.

With Olaf, I’m learning to focus on what I enjoy doing and am really good at. I’m learning not to try to do everything and end up feeling overwhelmed. He creates fun ways to practice the art of documentary filmmaking and his Saturday seminars are full of good vibes. I enjoy the supportive, win-win attitudes of all the filmmakers who attend each weekend. Work with Olaf. It’s worth it. His Saturday seminars are free, but, to me, they’re worth at least $1K each!”


This is the Next Step in Your Filmmaking Journey

“If you want to write a screenplay or a documentary then Olaf’s class is such a great next step to getting your ideas fleshed out. Olaf’s wonderfully compassionate approach to developing an idea and bringing it into the realm of the tangible is so gentle. I was moved by the kindness by which the class was led and how much space was held for each participant while we discussed our own ideas.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for Olaf’s Filmmaking Seminar on Saturday. Even if you are just at the very beginning of your writing journey, treat yourself to an experience that will enrich and enliven your motivation to create. It’s a masterclass that you won’t regret.”

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As many of you know, this is a solo-show for me, I love teaching and sharing knowledge — and here you can donate an amount of your choice to support the cause — a pre-THANK YOU is in order.

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